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Welcome to The Cove Discovery Project

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About The Cove Discovery Project

Inspire, Connect, Protect.

We cherish marine life and coastlines, driven by their beauty and importance.

By sharing their wonders widely, we inspire others to connect deeply with them.

Through talks, activities, education, and research, we foster understanding and stewardship.

Together, let's preserve our coastal legacy.

Our project is set up to celebrate the lives of both wildlife and people in and around Churston Cove, Brixham, Devon. We have a beautiful little shop by Brixham harbourside which helps us generate funds for the conservation projects we run. We are ‘not for profit’, so we use our funds wisely for the benefit of wildlife and our community.


This exciting collaboration of conservation and community creates opportunities for learning and sharing, all focused on ‘The Cove’. We aim to raise awareness of this important wild space for both humans and wildlife. We do this in schools, universities and with members of the public on our beaches and coves. We believe being in nature is key to creating a lasting connection and can help us better understand, learn and appreciate all wildlife, and our relationship with it.

The project is a celebration of a unique haven of beautiful thriving habitats, peaceful beaches and vibrant woodlands. Many thousands of people visit the coast annually. With continued increases in human and wildlife activity, we are looking to promote sustainable balanced ecosystems and celebrate natural beauty for the benefit of all.

We emphasize transparency in everything we do, setting bold goals and pursuing a clear strategy that pushes beyond boundaries. We promote ‘creative conservation’ encouraging participation, collaboration, creative thought, and community engagement. The project is constantly growing and adapting to the changes of society and nature, and together we can create changes that will benefit all species. 


Our Values


Everyone counts, we're in this together


Ensuring that all voices are heard


Sharing & spending time learning in nature

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Media (short film)
Grey Seal / Wild Swim

This short film (10 mins 36 secs) by Duncan Kenny, tells a brief sto­ry of the rela­tion­ships between wild grey seals in South Devon and wild swimmers.  

Awarded Official Selection at The English Riviera Film Festival 2020.

Featured on the global environmental film network ‘Waterbear’.


As human activity increases around our coastline, seal habitats and natural breeding sites reduce. Humans, as a species, must coexist in a balanced ecosystem to maintain healthy habitats for all species. This short film includes interviews, aerial and underwater footage with a conservation message to promote healthy relationships between human and non-human animals.


Biodiversity, Environment, Science & Knowledge, Wildlife, Wildlife Conservation, Marine mammals



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Grey Seal/Wild Swim Short Film

Grey Seal/Wild Swim Short Film

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