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The Team

Committed to Our Cause

We’re very proud of the experience of our team. Find out more about some of them below.

Our team members are available for engaging presentations and talks for education, organisations and clubs - get in touch here for more information.

Duncan Kenny portrait


Co-founder/Project Manager

Duncan Kenny is a conservationist and photographer and lives in Brixham, where he feels he connects deeply with the sea and coastal wildlife. Through his enthusiasm for learning about coastal habitats and species, he regularly contributes to research projects, predominantly on the study of grey seal behaviour.

Duncan is fascinated with the dynamic interplay between humans and non-human animals, delivering captivating presentations on the coexistence of human and wildlife populations at various academic institutions and conferences annually. Additionally, Duncan actively participates in several committees and frequently collaborates with educational establishments to establish and facilitate research initiatives pertaining to grey seal behavior in Torbay and Ireland. In 2016 Duncan founded The Seal Project (registered charity) and oversaw its development until 2021 when he shifted his focus to a more multi-species approach to conservation activity. Duncan contributes his time as a voluntary Marine Mammal Medic for British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

Duncan has written and directed a short film, parts of which were filmed in the cove. ‘Grey Seal/Wild Swim’ (2020) tells a story of his approach to living alongside wildlife as a wild swimmer and conservationist. The film was awarded Official Selection and premiered at The English Riviera Film Festival 2020 and is available free in the media section on the home page.

Outside the realm of conservation, Duncan utilises his experience as a Security Consultant, specializing in the protection of people in crowded spaces. His role entails working with public and private organisations in the United Kingdom and overseas. Drawing from his extensive experience in observing and documenting human behavior, Duncan adeptly applies these skills to conservation research and the observation of native wildlife species. Duncan's academic background includes a BA (Hons) Degree in Professional Communications, and he is presently pursuing a Master's Degree with a research focus on the effective communication of conservation messaging.

Chris Thomas portrait


Co-founder/Project Manager

Chris is a professional musician living in Brixham. In 2019 Chris co-founded the 365 Sea Swim Challenge and completed 1255 days (3.5 years) of consecutive sea swims. The 365 Sea Swim Challenge has helped its members raise over £60,000 for charities and causes around the UK. He also contributes his time as a voluntary Marine Mammal Medic for British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

The daily immersion in sea swims has instilled within Chris a progressively intensifying fascination with marine life and the diverse coastal ecosystems. Capturing these experiences on film became another passion, sharing the encounters through social media to reach a wider audience.  

Unsurprisingly, Chris has become deeply devoted to the cause of conservation, actively seeking avenues to educate and enhance public awareness regarding the significance of marine life and coastal ecosystems in and around Brixham. In this pursuit, Chris initiated the Brixham Crab Line Recycling Scheme in May 2021. This generous initiative serves the purpose of mitigating plastic marine debris, recycling single-use plastics, and imparting educational insights pertaining to responsible practices during crabbing activities. Chris has further extended the outreach of this project by delivering informative presentations in primary schools, elucidating the impact of human activities on the marine environment and illuminating potential strategies for minimizing our ecological footprint.

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